Kenya: Umoja

Saturday morning I went to one of the local orphanages. The town of Silibwet is not far from Tenwek and just past the town is Umoja, an orphanage started by one of the missionary doctors and his wife. What was once 9 kids has grown to almost 60. They have built up quite the facility and have started raising chickens for eggs, have cows for milk, and have a few hectors of land where they grow potatoes, avocados, bananas, and kale. The orphanage sells what they can’t use to help raise money for schooling. In the last 10 years, they have grown so much and many of the kids are even ready to go to university after doing well in secondary school.

I loved getting to play with the kids. We had our obligatory chai and talked about how everyone was doing. Then we toured the facility and watched as the kids sang and danced for us. It was quite a treat. After, we had just enough time for some futbol, jump rope, and lots of hugs. Even a little doctoring as we noticed some pink eye, so I did a few quick exams and we bought some medicine from the chemist in town to help prevent spreading.

I took so many pictures of the kids and the grounds, but here are just a few.