Kenya: Hiking Motigo

Saturday afternoon, myself and two other girls decided to go on a little hike around the surrounding hills. We hiked to the top of Montigo, which allows you to see pretty much 360 around the area and we could see many of the local towns dotted all around. Most of the hills are green and consist of fields after fields. It was a spectacular view.

It had started raining just before we left, but we decided to brave it anyways. Though we had to walk over steep muddy hills, we made it. We all needed a good shower after tho, and my once clean hospital shoes have now been utterly ruined. Such is life. I wasn’t expecting any hiking or I would have brought my hiking shoes. Hiking in long skirts was also a bit of am experience, but I managed not to totally ruin my pretty pink skirt.

We were walking up past some secondary schools so the kids came running out and we had a crowd of nearly 20 kids at one point following us. They mostly wanted us to give them what we had, but it was funny how we had an entourage of little kids following us.

It was a really fun afternoon and I actually felt physically tired after which is one of my favorite feelings. The orphanage, the hike, and a nice Skype date with Tyler made for a wonderful Saturday.